OSC - 008 Page Keeping Device

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Do you or someone you know, like many other people, constantly struggle with knowing which page you left off on each time your return to your book, magazine, or other reading device? Well we have the cure for you or that special someone. 

The OSC Design #008 Page Keeping Device is the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone who is constantly losing their spot in their preferred reading device. When you put it between pages and close your book it magically remembers which page you were on and stays there until you move it to a new page.... Or drop your book... Then it won't remember anymore.

Top Uses:

  • Marking place in book
  • Marking place in magazine
  • Marking place in loved one's book
  • Marking place in random magazines you find in the doctor's waiting room
  • Measuring things that are supposed to be 6.5" x 1.5"