The OSC Story

The Overholt Supply Co Story.

Overholt Supply Co. started because we felt it was desperately needed in the local markets that we were attending each month selling our beard care line Man Beard Co.. I would look around at the vendors, and there was never really a place for guys to shop, or even just hang out. So we started to grow our beard oil brand and get a few more items in there for guys. But what we noticed was that not many guys without beards would come into a store named Man Beard so we decided it was time for a rebrand and spent months trying to narrow down a name and a story.

We settled on Overholt Supply Co. because of the history it had with my hometown in Georgia. Old Overholt Whiskey was stated to be the preferred whiskey of John Henry Holliday, better known as “Doc” Holiday. A legend who spent his youth in my home town of Valdosta, Georgia.
I wanted to pay honor to him, and the history that Old Overholt had as being one of the oldest still active distilleries in the country.
We started Overholt in our home and built it up, so we wanted to give others the opportunity to do the same. We went out and sourced small Texas companies that couldn’t get into big box retailers not because of quality, but because of volume, and we asked if they wanted to be in our pop up locations with us. Most everyone we talked to jumped at the chance. Knife makers, soap makers, t-shirt brands, wood workers, you name it and we were starting to carry it. We just kept growing until we had to start really curating what we carried, but still wanting that small business made in Texas vibe.

Unfortunately, we got to the point where having everything made in Texas wasn’t going to be sustainable so we had to make the decision to branch out to Made in America, while still keeping and sourcing Texas brands as much as we could. We also didn’t want to lose the soul of the business, of helping smaller brands, like ours out as much as possible.

In June of 2023 we stopped traveling and started working towards our first brick and mortar location in Castroville, Texas. We found the spot and began working on the finish out and opened our doors in August of 2023. With a leather and canvas production space we started making our own line of Overholt gear from leather wallets to waxed canvas pouches and bags we started production. Now about 40% of the inventory we carry is made right there in-store. Our t-shirts are designed in house, and sent to a printer in Helotes. The woodwork is made by 3 San Antonio area craftsmen as well as some of our knives, the tumblers are made in Castroville, the candles in Houston, and the other waxed canvas and leather goods we don’t produce are made in the Austin area. Less than 5% of our store comes from outside of the state of Texas, and we hope to continue that trend for years to come.