Collection: Lafield Knives


Nathan LaField is a part-time knife maker and a full-time husband and fireman.

Much like other crafts, knife making started as a hobby one weekend in the garage, and grew into a thriving small business. Each LaField knife is hand made from scratch and customized to your specifications. I crafted my first knife in 2018 and have continued to educate myself and improve my craft in order to deliver a high quality tool to withstand heavy use. No knife leaves my shop unless it has proven to be the best I can build; from the hardness of the steel, to the way the handle fits your hand, detail is just as important as the overall look of a knife. Thank you for supporting my craft and trusting me to create a tool that will last a lifetime. 

Nathan Lafield is a firefighter in Bexar County but has a passion for knives. All of his knives are hand made and many are recycled from old saw mill blades. These beautiful tools will be sure to make a statement.