6.5" Chef Knife

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  • Blade Type : Chef
  • Blade Length : 6.5"
  • Total Knife Length : 11.5"
  • Steel: Recycled High Carbon Steel, from saw mill blade

This knife feels light and maneuverable in hand making for ease of use The carbon steel in the blade will patina with use, this is natural and only shows how well the knife has been used.  

**How to care for your Lafield knife**

These blades are made from high-carbon, non-stainless steel. The good news is, it will take and hold an excellent edge, and will be easy to re-sharpen by any common means. The other news is, it will rust if left uncared-for. Preventing this is easy. Not unlike a cast iron pan, simply hand-wash and dry the blade after use, do not place it in the dishwasher or in the sink wet for long periods of time. if it will be stored for more than a few days a light coat of oil is recommended. Any natural oil such as mineral or coconut oil will work. Over time the steel will develop a patina which is just a natural darkening. This will be unique to each blade, and can carry some form of rust inhibition. If your knife has removable handle scales it is recommended that you remove them and apply oil to the steel underneath occasionally.

  • Wooden handles have been treated with several coats of oil for protection and may be stabilized. Depending on the species of wood this may last a lifetime. Certain woods can dry out with excessive use and exposure to water and detergents. (Always wash your knife by hand, never in the dish washer) Additional applications of oil are a great way you restore life and luster. I use Danish oil primarily, but a quality wood treatment will work. I recommend avoiding shellac or anything that will leave a plastic-like layer on top of the wood. Stabilized wood may not need oiling.

  • If your knife is not wooden (antler, bone, micarta, g10, etc…) disregard all of that and enjoy!

  • Sharpen your knife with any typical system (wet stones, diamonds, ceramics, handheld draw-through, whatever) just be consistent with what you use so you’re not always trying to reset the angle.

  That’s it! With simple care and love these knives should provide you with years of service.

All Lafield knives are hand made to order. Each knife is made from high carbon steel that’s either from reclaimed sawmill blades or is a new billet from Alpha knife supply. 

Damascus steel are built from 15N20 and 1095. 

Heat treat and temper recipes are followed to the T from Alpha knife supply to provides a hard steel for long term use. Lafield knives provides a %100 guarantee with

proper knife use and care. If your knife is found to be failing from proper use for whatever reason Lafield knifes will provide you a new knife at no cost to you or refund the amount paid.